Happy 8th Anniversary, Twitter! Your First Tweet?

TwitterAnniversary_MiVidaTecRosaALonso_firsttweet_webHappy 8th Anniversary, Twitter!  Your First Tweet? It’s hard to believe it’s only been eight years since the 140 character text message (tweet) became an obsession and the # (hashtag) a powerful tool to create community and, well, make a statement!  The social network with more than 240 million active users each month (of over a billion registered users) has evolved beyond the “text” to include images and video (Vine app).  Like Facebook and other social media platforms, Twitter has become an lifestyle “influencer” – and an effective grassroots/political movement platform.  Just last night, Turkey Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan (amid a corruption scandal) moved to ban Twitter  – only to have President Abdullah Gul (opposition) express his disapproval with his own hashtag, #TwitterisblockedinTurkey (trending today globally as one of Twitter’s top hashtags).

So, what was your first tweet?  Check it out here.


I could not find my very first tweet back in 2006 since those accounts are long gone (#FirstTweet link only good for active accounts) but I did find find the first Mi Vida Tec with Rosa Alonso tweet: “iPad Mini?  iSi!

Look out for my interview re Twitter’s 8, on Spanish-language television’s national Telemundo network news, Noticiero Telemundo, this eve 6:30pm EST (link to be posted here on MVT shortly)

Happy BDay and happy tweeting, everyone!

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